Thanks to geosynthetics, slope stabilization and soil reinforcement are no longer time-consuming, expensive and complicated processes. Geogrids proved to be a perfect material on soft soils effectively supporting better distribution of loads and securing slopes at practically any desired angle.

Geogrid stabilizing or reinforcing soils became popular in all civil engineering projects requiring solid, durable solutions. Thanks to unique parameters of geogrid fabric it greatly improves the aesthetic aspects of realized projects as well through, for instance a wide variety of possible fill materials.

As innovative slope, soil stabilization products they are applied during the construction of roadways, dikes, highways as well as during realization of projects in private sector. Apart from cost-effectiveness and high aesthetic value of this erosion control fabric, geogrids are also much easier to use and offer the highest solidity.


Polgrid UX – Unidirectional Geogrids


Unidirectional Geogrids have been designed to serve as innovative slope stabilization products. Revolutionary geogrid fabric makes it possible to freely and easily shape the landscape, by making the slopes stand at almost any angle. As effective erosion control fabric, unidirectional geogrid also widens the range of fill materials to be used with wall, slope stabilization products, improving the aesthetic element of any realized project.


Polgrid BX – Bidirectional Geogrids


The range of applications of Polgrid BX – Bidirectional Geogrids – includes e.g. construction of temporary as well as permanent roads, highways etc. on weak soil. Stabilization of subgrades used to require a lot of time and raised the costs of the investment greatly. Polgrid BX, incredible erosion control fabric, allows to limit the resources and at the same time improve the durability of any roadway.



Polgrid FSR


Geocomposite POLGRID FSR is thermally bonded geo-grid POLGRID BX with geotextile. The type and parameters of the geotextile are selected individually to the project.



  • strengthening the underpinnings of road
  • construction of temporary and technology roads
  • construction of forest roads
  • construction of access roads to wind farms
  • construction of maneuvering and parking places
  • strengthening of railway subgrades
  • construction of embankments on weak grounds
  • strengthening of the ground beneath the foundations