By way of introduction:


Ekspostatyba is company with 15 years of experience in road construction and energetic sector. We specialize in distribution of many kinds of products: from safety barriers to energy traction poles. All of our suppliers are prominent companies, with years of experience, laboratory base and thousands of tones of produced systems. Our services and offers have been approved of a number of companies. They are used in many european countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Denmark.


Interesting facts:


  • Ekspostatyba was the first company (in Baltic states), which supplied material of assebmly of the strongest available safety barrier (H4b class) See photo here
  • Our company was the first supplier in Baltic states of acoustic screen elements that meets the requirements EN-1793: 2001 “Project Kaunas A5 (E 67)” See photo here
  • As one of the first companies in Baltic states we delivered concrete safety barriers that meets EN – 1317 standard


Ekspostatyba in numbers:


  • 1 000 000 meters (16 000 tones) of road and bridge barriers delivered;
  • More than 10 000 sqm. acoustic screens delivered;
  • More than 6400 t. steel constructions for many sectors( energy, building, etc. );


Ekspostatyba has a certificate “Strongest in Lithuania” awarded to companies which distinguished themselves  with high creditworthiness and financial liquidity. We also received a certificate Gazelė 2011, awarded by the newspaper Verslo Zinios, for companies with high business potential (in 2007-2010 sales increased by 270%)


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