Grey cast iron is one of the most popular materials used in rainwater sewage systems.
Main advantages of using cast iron than other materials are:


  • Damping vibrations. Thanks to specifics of gray cast iron area around sewage system is not exposed to cracking. It also positive effect on the reduction of noise, resulting from tire contact with sewage cover
  • Highest durability.  Using cast iron products is recommended for places with high traffic of heavy vehicles.
  • High corrosion resistance. Thanks to added part of melt graphite, you do not need to use additional measures to protect against rust.

Ductile iron is cast iron in which graphite was trapped in the form of microspheres in the warp of pearlite and ferrite. It is characterized by a high resistance to deformation, resistance to compression and crushing. Thanks to his property is used for our products for the automotive railway industry.

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